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About myself

My name Sean Valerio

I’m an American photographer from San Francisco, California, based in De pijp, Amsterdam.

I provide media support in the field of photography for Eat, Shop and Sleep businesses, clearly good photography’s means more reservations, more booking and more online shopping.

Here’s a short-list of some clients that I’ve worked with…

I’m shooting exclusively with Leica digital because businesses deserve best quality media pictures.

My Hashtags

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Sean Valerio Images

Here's what our clients have to say!

Cosmetic Drugstore CODA

It was wonderful having Sean Valerio during the official opening party documenting the event with his LEICA camera!

– Founder & Owner, Barbara Kerseboom

Sean Valerio

Bluehanded Indigo Men’s Collection

Bluehanded met Sean Valerio at Amsterdam Denim Days where we were showing out vintage indigo collection. Sean’s honest and raw photographic style of authentic people are spot on for our like-minded fashion ethos of each piece being unique and full of character.

– Founder & Owner, John Abbate

Casada Health Products 

Having a Brand Ambassador as Sean Valerio is a huge advantage for us. A man who knows the best locations and has the best contacts, in Amsterdam and surroundings, can really help grow your business to another level.

– CEO Casada Netherlands, Joeri Roose


Conservatorium Hotel

The luxurious Conservatorium Hotel, part of The Leading Hotels near the Museumplein. We supplied social media marketing images for the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing.

– Akasha Manager, Angelle Goed – Schut


Amsterdenim is a part of the past and the future of Amsterdam. AAA quality goods from the denim capital.
We have supplied social media marketing images for the Amsterdenim

 -Directer, Ewout Key Rameijer

Sean Valerio Images Amsterdenim (5)